About Pro Function

Who we are

We are a team of elite level practitioners that are focused on Manual Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation

We believe that you deserve

One on one focused assessments and treatments

Goal oriented treatments, to get the outcomes you want

The latest evidence informed treatments

We know that the body is complex

Single 2 minute appointments aren’t enough to make lasting changes to your body.

We have 30 minute appointments to help to decrease your dependence on care.

We know that communication with your doctor and other health care practitioners can be a key to better outcomes and navigating the health care system.

More About Pro Function

We are located in the Centrefield Sports training facility; one of the largest indoor baseball training facilities in Canada. We started in 2011 and have since grown to become an integral part of many local sports communities as well as their families and friends. Pro Function also has expertise in treating occupational and acute injuries for local workers in the industrial community and is conveniently located in the heart of London's industrial south giving easy access for lunch hour and after-work appointments.