At Pro Function all of our clients are provided one-on-one appointments with their Physiotherapist, we do not use Physiotherapy Assistants and we do not do group treatments. To give you the highest quality of care our Initial Assessments are 60 minutes in length and all subsequent appointments are 30 minutes in length.

Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy is effective at treating a wide range of injuries and diseases as well as relieving pain and maximizing range of motion. During your Initial Assessment and in subsequent appointments treatment can include any of the following depending on how you are injured and what your Physiotherapist determines to be the best course of treatment for your injury or condition.

First Appointment at Pro Function

Your first visit to Pro Function consists of a full physical assessment and review of your medical history with our Physiotherapist Jamie Easter. Jamie's goal will be to determine the root causes of your condition or injury and then prescribe an evidence based treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your needs, your goals, and the outcomes you desire.